Advantages Of Having The LED Chandelier Bulbs

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LED Chandelier Bulbs – Many people are changing traditional bulbs to LED lights. There are many reasons for this. The main motivation for many people is that LED lights save money by saving energy. These lights are also better for the environment because of the energy that is saved, and they are healthier for people because they do not contain mercury.

The main advantage of LED bulbs is that they save energy. In a study of Christmas lights, “Consumer Reports” found that LED bulbs use 1 to 3 kilowatt-hours of energy compared to 12 to 105 kilowatt-hours incandescent lights. This translates into money saved in energy costs over time. “Consumer Reports” also found that LED bulbs last more than twice as long as incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs conserve energy, which is good for the environment. The website also notes that because LED lights require less energy, it is easier and less expensive to run on solar power.

LED bulbs are much colder than traditional bulbs. “Consumer Reports” notes that this leads to a decrease in the risk of lights starting a fire. The website reports that cooler bulbs lead to less need for air conditioning in cold weather, which saves money and energy. LED bulbs do not contain mercury as regular bulbs do. Mercury is dangerous for people, especially young children. The Global Healing Center reports that exposure to mercury can be toxic to humans.