Chandelier Light, Warm Effect On A Room

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A chandelier light adds depth to your interior decoration scheme by pulling the eye upwards and providing a functional piece of hanging art. Many chandeliers are traditional and neat, but you can buy or create a chandelier that reflects your personal style and complements the design of your home. Make a chandelier, for a quick, do-it-yourself chandelier that makes a big statement. Starting with a single standard ceramic light socket attached to a cord, use socket extenders to make a pattern radiating from the center.

When you have the complete plug extender pattern, screw bulbs and hang in the wire to an artistic chandelier. This type of chandelier is especially useful for rooms with high ceilings, where the bold design will not overwhelm the room. A chandelier lined with glowing light has a softening, warming effect on a room.

Select a simple frame to display the lights. A wooden square or a wrought-iron circle is elegant and does not interfere with the flickering light of a candle, which can be thick columns or tiny candles. Place this type of chandelier in a room where you often gather, such as a dining room, and where it will be easy to place a ladder or chair to replace the lights.