Classy Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

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Swarovski crystal chandelier – It started in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski founded Swarovski with the help of Franz Weis and Armand Kossmand. The company was a tremendous success, and soon the work went into a wide range of areas. Such as the production of optical products, abrasives and abrasive tools, the cutting of crystals and the production of decorative stones made of crystal.

These were mostly used for jewelry and in the fashion industry. As chandelier parts, as accessories and as beads and garments for dressing. Only in 1913 did Swarovski’s production plant finish. In the years between 1908 and 1913, Daniel’s sons, Wilhelm, Friedrich and Alfred used to make a perfect formula for flawless crystal. Classy Swarovski spectra crystal is a classic-style chandelier. That gets a lot of attention with a hand-crafted filigree-twisted white-lacquered metal frame and six round glass shades.

The glass screens are gold-plated on the underside, and decorated with floral ornate metal holders. These give the otherwise simple design some colored accents. The decorative highlight of these particular chandeliers, in every way, is still the beautiful pearl pendant. And the brilliant Swarovski crystals that reflect the light many times and conjure up amazing color effects. All the lamps in the Class series have been exclusively designed.