Functional And Friendly Bar Stool Table Set

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The bar stool table set in a kitchen open to living room (or dining room ) is a real ally which you have no reason to deprive you. We like its functional and friendly side. It allows on the other hand to structure the space without isolating it completely, and all with lightness. Generally less imposing than the central island, it is easier to place. It has all the qualities to fit the size and shape of any room, even if you only have a small area.

Bar stools come in many different designs, sizes, shapes and qualities. And you should therefore consider some of these things when looking for new bar stools. When setting up bar stools, it is important to create air between the bar stools when placing them in the home.

There should be about 66-76 cm measured from the middle of one bar stool to the other. Also, there should be between 22-30 cm leg spaces between the chair seat for the underside of the worktop. If you only have a small kitchen, the bar stools should be able to be place under the kitchen table counter top. So that they fill the least and easily stored away when not in use.