Great Achievement For The Tuscan Decor

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The style of Tuscan decor is warm and inspired by nature. The combination of warm colors and rustic design elements are the main characteristics of this style. Since nature inspired the Tuscan style, organic materials that are durable and warm are used to decorate the home. The houses of the Italian Tuscan were built in limestone or sandstone and regardless of the rustic reasons. The marble was used in pavements and in decorative details such as columns and much more. The Tuscan houses also have a patio or gallery, and the roof is covered with terracotta tiles.

In Tuscan interior design always used earth tones and shades of olive, ocher, dark brown, rusty, red, orange and yellow and blue tones. The walls can be textured, with special paints. Ceramic textures and iron decoration pieces can be softened with upholstery rich in floral prints, stripes, and ornaments such as tassels and fringes. The walls can be decorated with Venetian stucco and faux finishes. The frescoes on the walls are also common in the style of decoration of Tuscany.

In the Tuscan style of decoration, the tapestries can also be used to decorate the walls. The wooden beams give the house a rustic warm atmosphere that is essential for the style of Tuscan decoration. Wood is widely used in furniture and floors. The furniture is clean and simple, while blacksmithing is also used in the decoration of furniture and for crockery. The exterior of a Tuscan house is decorated with garden vegetation and water wells and fountains.