How To Decorate Mirrored Vanity Set

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Mirrored vanity set adds a chic and contemporary touch to a room. It came out unclothed, combines in the atmosphere due to its clean look. They set this distinctive part of furniture decorating the cover with images, it helps to stand out. Avoid the use of silver frames on the glass, which are mixed in. Opt for black or dark wood frames that stand out against the clear table.

Decoupage the photos directly to the glass. Apply a layer of decoupage glue to the front of the image and glue it under the table so that the image is visible when looking down through the glass. Apply another layer of glue to the back of the image, slightly extend the surrounding glass to seal.

Place a piece of cloth, such as a table or square tablecloth, in the center of the glass table. Fix the framing of pictures on top of the fabric. Stick to similar photo frame styles for visual continuity or create an eclectic sample with various sizes and shapes. Arrange flat on the table. Make a second layer of glass to serve as a new table that is in the same shape as the original. Place the photos on top and keep them in place, allowing you to see the screen through the glass.