Ideas For Wall Mirror Decor

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Wall mirror decor are most common in people’s bathrooms, but can also be attached to walls in different rooms to make the room look larger, but a frame that breaks up the reflected image. Normally, frameless mirrors are used to open up a space and give an illusion of size in small rooms. Ramless mirrors are available in arts and crafts stores, home goods stores and stores that sell repurposed home furnishings, and they are not too difficult to hang in your home.


Find wall joists on the wall. Stud Finders beeps when there are studs and they make it easier to avoid power lines as well. Walls made of concrete do not require the use of a rule detector. Hold the mirror up against the wall and level it according to the wall and the shape of the mirror. Label the wall where the wall mirror decor should be held at the bottom, top and sides. The number of clips and the size of the mirror will dictate the number of markings. Normally there should be at least four, but larger mirrors will require more clips to keep weight.

Drill holes where wall mirror decor clips go. The holes should be drilled according to the markings on the wall. Make sure the drill is the appropriate size for the clamps. The size varies depending on the size of the screws used to hold the clamps in place. The clip has a J-hook design that is ideal for holding frameless mirrors due to solid shape. The hooks are usually located in a hardware store in the home department or in a section with wall hooks, depending on the store and set up.