Peacefully Tuscan Home Decor Details

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Tuscan home decor and details are elements inspire by Tuscany, Italy. The richness of colors and colors reflects the earth tones and deep shades of nature. The traditional old world decor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a sought after style in homes today.  Here are ideas to bring Tuscan inspired details into your home. Kitchen: Use open shelves and decorative Mediterranean inspired kitchen utensils.

Tuscan tradition involves family gathering around the kitchen and cooking in family-style meals. A large center island of wood or other natural materials brings wealth of tradition to reality. Bathroom: Bar details such as plumbing, cabinet door and decorative wall decorations give rustic attention to detail. Use large mirrors over vanity adorned with metals and wood borders to store metal and wood themes throughout the room. Deep baths and natural stone and tile showers create an Italian retreat

Furniture: Stenciling and hand-paint designs are common in Tuscan style. Painted murals, leaves, grapes and painted effects can bring a regular piece of furniture to life. To transform furniture, it even makes Fresco (paint and plaster) sets available at craft stores. Use Italian inspired stencils on wooden furniture, or use faux distressed paint to give an old look to your furniture.