Pineapple Tapestry: Really Witty!

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Pineapple tapestry – The vintage wants what was trendy a few decades ago to be back today. Is. In this “back to the good old times”, good ideas emerge … and less good too. Thus, some argue for the return to good old tapestries. And yes, dress the walls with a patterned wallpaper, it can become trend again! But for those who embark on this hazardous track, there is a risk: the sin of originality. Enough is enough!

Well, it’s okay, nutritionists and doctors say you have to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day to be healthy. From there to put on its walls, do not exaggerate! That’s why it seems more sensible to keep the fruits on your plate, on pain of having a decoration “too much”.

Are you a fan of exotic decoration? Opt instead for bamboo furniture and decoration, for printed cushions and palm trees … but, for pity’s sake, not for this parrot wallpaper! Transform your interior into a truly kitschy zoo? Bad idea! When it’s not a single fruit, it’s just the whole salad on our walls. Between the garish colors, the asymmetrical shapes and the surplus fruit, we have the eyes that bleed!  A tip: do not stick this wallpaper on the wall.