Pretty Wine Glass Chandelier

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Wine glass chandelier – Living sustainably also means doing sustainable things and not separating us from used items too quickly, but giving them another chance. As is the case with a glass bottle that becomes a bottle lamp. And we really mean all kinds of bottles – small and large, made of beer or wine, transparent or matt, in color … Building a lamp from a bottle may sound too complicated at first, but it’s not. First, just cut the clean, empty bottle using the glass cutter in the lower part.

Then fill each of the two bowls with ice-cold and warm water and lower the already-cut bottle with one in one bowl and the other. The large temperature difference causes the glass breakage in a matter of seconds and you get the desired glass part. Basically, the construction of a bottle lamp is similar to the simple DIY lamp principle.

All you have to do is pull the lamp holder through the neck of the bottles with the cable and insert a bulb. In this way you can build so many and so many different bottle lamps from glass bottles. As you have already seen, it is easy and fast. An added benefit: DIY glass bottle lamps are reasonably priced and eco-friendly. They also give you a sense of satisfaction that goes hand in hand with the original DIY look.