Recycle Antique Decorative Wall Mirrors

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Decorative wall mirrors hold an irresistible charm that makes it difficult to get rid of them, especially when they are family daughters or full of memories. Recycled antique mirrors give them a new life and help save the planet – box mirrors end up on the dump.


Create a makeup mirror compartment. Glue a hand mirror on the bottom of a silver antique serving food tray. Add a touch of glamor to each coffee table. Turn 4-6 glasses dip bowls up and down. Space them equally on top of a coffee table and glue them down. Next, glue the antique mirror on top of these dip bowls, the mirror side up, for a refurbished coffee table. Show artwork in its full glory. Place antique mirror behind any stand-alone sculpture, blown glass or crystal figurine to show off details from behind it would not be seen otherwise. Add track light to create a gallery feel. Hide stains around the edges by sticking flowers decals on the mirror’s entire border. Follow the decal’s package instructions.

Cover small spots randomly scattered throughout antique mirror with 1- or 2-inch snowflake decals; this turns the mirror into a wall accent piece. Smooth the sharp edges of broken shards, with hot glue or a grinder on the edges. Create a mirror mosaic on a flowerpot, tray or accent wall. Pour some binding mix into a bowl and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Coat a clay pot, tray bottom, wooden box, plants or wall with binding mix. Stick shards in a mosaic pattern on the mix while damp. Let it dry.