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Posted in Tapestry | by london, on June 21, 2019

Decorating Ideas With Peacock Tapestry

These days I have been designing some pieces and my inspiration has been the peacock tapestry. Not only the delicacy of its construction but the exotic richness of its colors. That combination of bluish green, turquoise and gold are a perfect formula to achieve an elegant, sophisticated and colorful look...

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Posted in Tapestry | by london, on June 21, 2019

Pineapple Tapestry: Really Witty!

Pineapple tapestry – The vintage wants what was trendy a few decades ago to be back today. Is. In this “back to the good old times”, good ideas emerge … and less good too. Thus, some argue for the return to good old tapestries. And yes, dress the walls with a patterned wallpaper, it c...

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Posted in Tapestry | by london, on June 19, 2019

Star Wars Tapestry: Sweet And Cozy For Kids

Star wars tapestry – Timeless characters, Star Wars invite themselves in the decor of your home. In poster, figurine or mosaic, the 7 films of the saga are revealed in a new light. Let the decor be with you! In this uncluttered dining room with a rustic feel, the owners decided to add a touch [&hel...

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Posted in Tapestry | by london, on June 18, 2019

Beautiful And Wide Range Of Luxury Tapestry Duvet Cover

Tapestry duvet cover – Bedroom is the most personal place in home. Who doesn’t dream of a bedroom with a unique atmosphere? If you want to buy a really special duvet cover, that’s possible here. A place that you can style to your own taste with the best bedding and a place where you can...

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Posted in Tapestry | by london, on May 29, 2019

Funny Tapestry Material, Color, And Patterns

Today, we will share with you an original idea. Transform your space with a funny tapestry that you particularly like. You can do wonders in just a few hours. And unlike wallpaper, the fabric can easily be removed when you have enough. Another advantage of a fabric accent wall is that if the fabric is [&...

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