Tuscan Style Furniture: Warm And Inspired By Nature

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The Italian decor has several variations. The tuscan style furniture is warm and inspired by nature. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the focal points of this style. The materials are respectful of nature and durable. The Tuscan houses are build of limestone and sandstone. Marble is often use for the manufacture of floors and decorative details such as columns.

The Tuscan interior design is characterize by earth tones, shades varying from olive, ocher, red-rust, orange and yellow. The walls can be cover with special paints. The textures of the ceramic and iron decor are softe by a rich tapestry with floral motifs. The greenery is typical for the exterior of Tuscan habitats. Marble statues are also recurrent. The houses are often surround by sandstone walls and the windows are cover with wooden shutters.

The Tuscan style habitats also have patios and loggias. Roofs cover with tiles are widespread. The walls can be decorated with Venetian plaster. Frescoes and murals are often use to decorate rooms. The wooden beams give the house a feeling of conviviality and also warmth: very typical side for the Tuscan style. Hardwood is use for the manufacture of furniture and flooring. The furniture is usually in simple and clean forms.